Our batteries are engineered for performance reliability, long backups, long life and require very low maintenance throughout the life of the batteries. Meeting the need of customers in the residential as well as commercial that is houses, shops, telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and solar market.


Quality has always been our #1 priority. From checking the cube weights of every oxide mix to pressure testing 100% of all cells produced for leaks (see pictures below), our stringent quality control standards have been set to assure that your U-Power Tech battery provides years of trouble-free power.


U-Power Tech Batteries not only good in backup and performance, but our core analysis keeps maintain the balance of quality and price and makes our product cost-effective.

Hassle-Free Services

We know well, what the end user required and expect from us after spending the thousands of rupees. U-Power Tech seriously take care for after sale services and provide the pleasurable and hassle free services all the time.

Manufacturing the Best Batteries

To ensure our battery quality, we start by purchasing high quality raw materials and then assemble these materials on the production lines using automated equipments, along with the latest in manufacturing processes and a high degree of precision quality control.
We use modern technology die cast machines of Zibo Torch Energy pressure die automatic casting machine, Plate Filling Machines, Curing and Drying Chambers and many other small equipments, all are authentic brand machines which helps us to manufacture the highest quality of batteries.

Our Quality Control

1. Inspection of incoming raw material
3. Weight / Appearance Check for Grids
4. Lead Lumps Tests
5. Lead oxide composition checks
6. Paste Density / Temperature Checks
7. Pasted Plate/ Weight / moisture percentage
8. Cured Plate inspection
9. Finished Plate Inspection
10. Inspection of Container, Lid, Vent Plug, Separator, Packing Material, Small Parts.
11. Electrical Tests and Inspection of Finished Product.
12. Safety performance testing.